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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

"Wings of Fate"

Sakura Clow: Laura C.

Good Syaoron: Ikariya

Clone Syaoran:

Samurai Kyon

Chii: Yuki Cross

Fai: Usako Minako

Tomoyo: Videogirl C.

Kurogane: Jailbait EB

Project Victory Cosplay Theatre

The making of "Wings of Fate"

The day after Masquerade 2008, one member turned to the other and said, "Tsubasa Chronicles would be cool". Immediate visions of the story of how it started were present in which it was then said "It would be cool to have Sakura's wings bursting out"

That is where it started! From there through out the summer, the ideas and plans came together. Many meetings and revisions were made to the script.Casting started in August, first meet and practice in September. The music was edited into the time limit and all roles set to fill.

Scripts and actions were rehersed and voiced by the cast themselves, with some guest voices from family.

Hundreds of hours and probably a few thousand bucks all together to make this happen but that's what cosplay is!

It was funny to see how many props were related to the Pretear back drops we had in 2007! Some really good ones! Our props as always were hand made and drawn, hand painted and built by the players themselves over a few months. They were trialed and tested with stage ninjas whom were essential to this production!

We had a lot of first time sewers and beginner cosplayers. Our cast was incomplete until Devi saved us within the last month to complete with Piffle Sakura!

PVC's complete goal is to make the audience feel. Whether it be excited, scared or even in awe, we hope we were able to move peoples' heart and soul. THAT is winning for us.

For those who were moved and felt it in your heart and soul, WE SALUTE YOU!


Yuko: Neko Wafer

Sakura Koriyo: Tris

Sakura Piffle: Devi

Sakura Infinity: Hana

Stage Ninja 1: Henley

Stage Ninja 2: Jesse

Stage Ninja 3: Ben

Stage Ninja 4: Tom