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Author Topic: PVC's "Wings of Fate"  (Read 3849 times)
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 Cheesy Cheesy GREAT JOB EVERYONE!! Please post any good comments you've got!
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Here are other poeple's posts! (PVC not responsible for any words below this line)_____

Anonymous 05/26/09(Tue)15:25 No.1857648
This was easily one of the best performances ever, at least amusing to watch as a dancing skit.
As for costume based skits, The Tsubasa Chronicles one with the changing backgrounds was totally awesome to watch,
I was disappointed that this one didn't win best in show. They set a new bar for awesome skits.

Da0 !pv64UU0pH. 05/26/09(Tue)15:45 No.1857690
I was thinking 'if that Tsubasa group with backgrounds don't win Best of the Show, it's highway robbery.'

Sure enough.....

But at least they won something big.

Manly" Kittan !KITTaNz0Jw 05/26/09(Tue)16:24 No.1857762
I agree with OP, this year was miles ahead of last year. Not a single Hare Hare Yukai in the entire masq, although they did show an entire episode of Haruhi during intermission, which was mind numbing.

The two Tsubasa skits were great, Kuroshitsuji was really entertaining, and the walk ons were really well done for once. Persoally I enjoyed both of the One Piece skits as well, but that's just because I'm a huge faggot that loves the series too much. There was a handful of other good skits, but for the most part they were drowned out by the shit like

857436 and semi-overweight OMGSORANDUM Riku talking to an invisible entity for 3 minutes. Also, the Pokemon dance would have been amazing if they'd held up a banner with something like "Pikachu and Charmander are evolving!" instead of another stupid 4chan reference.

Also, I just feel the need to say this: If any of you go into a masquerade at an anime convention expecting it to be amazing, you're a ________ idiot. Don't go into one expecting it to be Comic-con quality, go into it expecting it to be the same shit that you've seen at every other con and if there happens to be a good skit, be pleasantly surprised and enjoy it.

We're all waiting for a year that'll top '07's masq, trust me.
Anonymous 05/26/09(Tue)17:34 No.1857947
the tsubasa group with the moving backgrounds should have won best in show

"Manly" Kittan !KITTaNz0Jw 05/26/09(Tue)17:46 No.1857975
I though they did win it at first until someone told me that there was another Tsubasa group. I apparently missed it because them because they went on right as my group went back stage to get ready. Was the second group any good at all?

Jacuzzi 05/26/09(Tue)18:29 No.1858138
It was pretty good... good "fight" choreography, good-looking costumes, good-looking props... I'm glad they won something, though personally, I thought others should have gotten best in show.

 Anonymous 05/26/09(Tue)18:49 No.1858189
The second tsubasa group that won best in show was okay, their syaron had a great costume -- but their sakura was ______.

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"Except for the two Tsubasa skits, each were distinct and original from each other – and the quality of the Tsubasa skits won them both the highest awards." ( )

"The skits were many and varying from hilarious such as the Pokemon skit who won Best Comedic Skit, and dramatic such as the Tsubasa Chronicles skit with revolving backgrounds and an intricate set who came away with Best Performance." (
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