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Author Topic: Nik's Tutorial Links - Swords and other weapons  (Read 3077 times)
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Every year we seem to make at least one sword for -something-. So, here are some tutorials (pulled from

Cardboard Katana/sheath/broadsword - Good for stage fights.
Expanding foam/paper mache sword - Good for pictures or looking pretty on stage.
Make your sword shiny and awesome with foil!

And some for guns:

Dante's Guns (Devil May Cry) - I'd use this for all hand guns really. The only thing I'd do different is make the base out of insulation foam (the pink stuff) instead of fiberboard (the stuff ikea uses for everything, and also what this guy uses. It needs serious tools to work with.)
Shotgun - Again, I'd use this for pretty much all shotguns. The pump action is quite cool - you'd only need to modify the details. Of course, this doesn't apply to the average double barrel shotgun, only futuristic-looking ones.

As an aside, I also just saw a commercial for sprayable rubber in a can called flexseal. They're marketing it as something for repairs - but wouldn't it be nice to have weapons with a rubber grip? Just spray the handle before painting it/wrapping it/whatever. I vote yes.


Using expanding foam for a sword - part 1
Carving expanding foam into a pauldron
Paper mache-ing an expanding foam sword

These three are in german, from a cosplayer who goes by Kamui. She's honestly one of the best in the world. If she says to use expanding foam for swords and other large props, you better believe I'm gonna. XD
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