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Author Topic: Nik's Tutorial Links - Little props and other stuff.  (Read 5964 times)
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All that OTHER stuff. Jewelry, wings, boot covers, etc.

Bootcovers - I wouldn't glue them, just do a T of wide elastic - toe and across the middle of the foot. Also around the heel if you have one.
Wing Harness - I really like HCC's harness. It's super unobtrusive and easy.
Angel Wings - I like their feathered wings too. They look like they have actual musculature under there.
Demon/Bat/fairy wings - Easy easy.
Making a silicon mold for casting - This is only for flat backed things. For round stuff you need to suspend the thing you're molding and pour the silicon around it, then cut it in half to make a two-part mold. Same basic idea though.
Resin casting using a silicon mold - You made the mold, now make your stuff!
Hot glue casting using a silicon mold - If your stuff is little you can use hot glue. I'd suggest resin first, but that's just my preference.
Casting colored jewels - This also goes over what you can and can't use for molds.
Bunny/tall ears in a headband - Super easy, super cute.
Nintendo-style crowns - Right click and save if you like, this is a PDF.
Gloves - If you're very ambitious or have oddly sized hands or need them in a specific fabric.

Whew! That's a lot @_@
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